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Cipango: informations

Cipango is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed French-language journal devoted to Japanese Studies.

ISSN 1164-5857 (print edition)
ISSN 2260-7706 (electronic édition)

Editorial Policy

Founded in 1992, and since then published in Paris by the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations ( ), Cipango is the only academic journal published in France to be exclusively devoted to Japan, and constitutes a de facto reference in the field of Japanese Studies. It welcomes articles in French from France-based researchers as well as contributions from specialists based in other countries.

Being a multidisciplinary journal in the field of humanities and social sciences (history, ethnology, geography, economics, linguistics, literature, arts, film…), Cipango focuses on in-depth studies using mainly original sources in Japanese, but also offers translations (scientific and literary texts, historical documents) and, to a lesser extent, essays and first-person accounts.

Cipango also highlights reviews of academic publications, as well as offering a significant importance to summaries of theses and dissertations written in French. As such, this journal is invaluable to young researchers.

Most issues are organised around a theme, and calls for papers cantered around this theme. It should not, however, limit itself to a single theme, and as such, any paper proposal is examined regardless of theme.

Format and periodicity

  • One issue per year, containing an average of five articles. The length of papers vary, as there is no fixed limit.

  • Each issue is built around a theme. Special issues are also published.

Selection process for articles

Whether as a response to a call for papers or not, each submitted article is reviewed anonymously. The Reading Committee makes the final decision on the basis of reports from two outside referees.

Submission of papers or published works for review


cipango[at] / jmbutel[at] / laurent.nespoulous[at]

How to submit an already published work for review?

If you wish to have your work mentioned in the “books received” section, or if you wish to submit a title for a book review, please send all materials to:

Cipango – Cahiers d’études japonaises, Inalco, 65, rue des Grands Moulins, 75214 Paris – France

Submitting an article or a book review to Cipango

This journal publishes exclusively unpublished articles in French. Manuscripts should not be submitted simultaneously to any other journals. Cipango does not impose any length limitation on articles. Any proposal, accompanied by a 5 to 10 lines abstract and five keywords (in French), will be submitted for an anonymous peer review, and will then be discussed by the entire reading committee based on the reviews of two anonymous references. If found suitable, papers do not need to correspond to a particular theme in order to be evaluated and published. The reading committee meets three to four times a year to review submitted items.

Two versions of the manuscripts must be sent to the journal (one listing the author and their institutional affiliation, the other anonymous), preferably by email (file format .doc or .pdf) to cipango[at] / jmbutel[at]

It is recommended to pay at least a minimal attention to layout.

Should your paper be selected

You will be asked to follow very carefully the style sheet in the instructions to authors. We ask that you pay particular attention to the citation style for all bibliographical notes as well as to how to insert Japanese text.

We also ask that the author provide an English translation of the title of the article, as well as five keywords in English.

Instruction to authors

Cipango publishes texts exclusively in French. Please refer to the French-language instructions and style sheet here:

Director of Publication

Anne Bayard, director of the Centre d’Études Japonaises, Inalco

International Scientific Committee

Olivier Ansart (Univ. of Sydney), Lionel Babicz (Univ. of Sydney), Bernard Bernier (Univ. de Montréal), Augustin Berque (CNRS / EHESS), Steve Dodd (SOAS), Bernard Faure (Univ. of Columbia), Harald Fuess (EAJS / Univ. Heidelberg), Carol Gluck (Univ. of Columbia), Komine Kazuaki (Univ. Rikkyô), Hermann Ooms (UCLA), Jean-Noël Robert (EPHE), Alain Rocher (EPHE), Cécile Sakai (Univ. Paris Diderot), Pierre Souyri (Univ. de Genève), Tan.o Yasunori (Univ. Waseda), Dimitri Vanoverbeke (Univ. de Louvain)

Editorial Office
Jean-Michel Butel, Laurent Nespoulous

Editorial Team
Christian Galan, Emmanuel Lozerand, Michael Lucken, Christophe Marquet, Arnaud Nanta, Sumie Terada, Michel Vieillard-Baron.

Reading Committee
Anne Bouchy, Claire Brisset, Guillaume Carré, Pascal Griolet, Laurence Labrune, Sébastien Lechevalier, Estelle Leggeri-Bauer, François Macé, Nicolas Mollard, Saito Takako, Rémi Scoccimarro, Eric Seizelet, Daniel Struve, Bernard Thomann, Makiko Ueda-Andro.

Editorial Support
Claude Michel-Lesne

Digital publishing
Huguette Rigot

Digitization Support
Adrien Carbonnet

Sandrine Tabard


Cipango wishes to reflect French-language research on Japan. Led by researchers from the Centre d’Études Japonaises of the Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (Paris), this journal has from the start benefited from the active collaboration of specialists from other important institutions, as shown by the composition of its [Reading Committee]. This cooperation has led to a formal agreement with the following institutions: